The main features in modern football are speed, change of pace and explosiveness. Players like Arjen Robben, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale are just a few examples who embody these characteristics perfectly.


Thanks to the most innovative training methods and intense personal care Method by Michael Petry offers his athletes the opportunity to rise and optimize individual speed.

“My goal is making my players reach the next higer level and above through my workout” – Michael Petry

What makes Method by Michael Petry so special? The work is individual and personal. Players are first subjected to and reviewed a detailed analysis of the current state. Based on these results Petry works specifically on the mistakes and failures. The focus of his method is to perfect sequences in the categories of explosiveness, acceleration and high speed.

On top of this his players are individually coached with focus on changes of speed, coordination, 1 on 1 situations and of course resistance. If these factors are optimized, the abilities of a player – coupled with high-class techniques – are just perfect to play at the same level as international top athletes do.

What else makes Petrys’ Method so successful: By improving individual skills to a higher level automatically a players current value to the market raises explosively.

Petrys’ Method is based on an individually elaborated concept. It includes innovative forms of training, sports medicine, psychological and social aspects. Experts from the fields of fitness, coordination, strength, football and athletics provide a professional service and optimize your performance.

Method of Michael Petry: We optimize changes of speed, 1 on 1 situations, coordination and resistance.

We’ll make you the fastest player!
We’ll make you gain a better market value!
We’ll make you play with the top international athletes.

If you decide to work with us!


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